Our kitchen

Can you imagine after a day exploring sitting down at the beautiful laid table? Let Berbera surprise you with creative cooking.

Berbera gets her inspiration from everywhere. She often adds a fresh twist to a classic dish and makes different combinations of ingredients. Don’t be surprised if we serve you a dish where vegetables and fruits are the star of the dish. How about a dish with traditional ingredients from the Auvergne but prepared with Asian techniques?

Please let us know 2 days ahead if you would like to join us for diner

We buy our meat at the award winning butchers’ Fougerouse in Saint Anthème.

We serve local cheeses bought directly at the farm or at the local fromagerie Ô Saveurs d’Auvergne .

Seasonal vegetables and fruits as much as possible from local producers or our own vegetable garden.

Vegetarian cuisine/Diet

In our region it is difficult to eat vegetarian.  Gluten and lactose free also is not easy to find but no problem for us.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance. We will do our utmost to serve you a tasty and exciting dinner.

Please let us know any dietary requirement with your reservation so we can take it into account.