Our kitchen

Can you imagine after a day exploring sitting down at the beautiful laid table? Let Berbera surprise you with creative cooking.

Berbera gets her inspiration from everywhere. She often adds a fresh twist to a classic dish and makes different combinations of ingredients. Don’t be surprised if we serve you a dish where vegetables and fruits are the star of the dish. How about a dish with traditional ingredients from the Auvergne but prepared with Asian techniques?

Please let us know 2 days ahead if you would like to join us for diner

We buy our meat at the award winning butchers’ Fougerouse in Saint Anthème.

We serve local cheeses bought directly at the farm or at the local fromagerie Ô Saveurs d’Auvergne .

Seasonal vegetables and fruits as much as possible from local producers or our own vegetable garden.

Vegetarian cuisine/Diet

In our region it is difficult to eat vegetarian.  Gluten and lactose free also is not easy to find but no problem for us.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know in advance. We will do our utmost to serve you a tasty and exciting dinner.

Please let us know any dietary requirement with your reservation so we can take it into account.


Instagram Food posts

Home smoked trout

Our smoker is currently working overtime. Our local fishmonger @fredericzanetto has such beautiful fish, you just want to work with it. This salad of home smoked trout with sweet and sour vegetables, mushrooms and a baharat spice cream is a winner.

Notre fumeur est ttès utilisé. Notre poissonnier local @fredericzanetto
a de beaux poissons. Tu veux juste commencer avec ça. Cette salade de truite fumée maison avec des légumes aigre-doux et une crème d'épices baharat restera sur notre carte.

@euroma_nl ée
Summer on a plate

Homemade strawberry sherbet, strawberries marinated in homemade elderflower cordial, fresh elderflowers, roasted almonds, mascarpone and strawberry mint.

L'été dans une assiette

Sherbet aux fraises fait maison, fraises marinées dans un sirop de fleurs du sureau fait maison, fleurs du sureau, amandes grillée, menthe de fraises, mascarpone.

Korean bbq reversed seared flank steak

Our old bbq controller was broken. To be able to continue to serve our guests a beautiful grilled piece of meat, we ordered the @thermoworks Signals and Billows at @thermapennl. The first test was immediately succesful. Reversed seared flank steak, marinated in a Korean marinade. Served with homemade cucumber kimchi and a ginger spring onion sauce. Our guests loved it.

Elderflower mousse and cucumber granita

When you open the door, the delicious scent of elderflower welcomes you. I wanted to do something special with this gift from mother nature. Obviously I made a few liters of elderflower syrup but a recipe in , work in progress, by @reneredzepinoma triggered me to combine elderflower with cucumber. The result, an elderflower mousse with a granita of cucumber, pickled cucumber and pickled elderflowers and dill oil made with dill from the garden.
The granita is flavoured with home made apple balsamic. Thanks to @wateetons for putting me on the right track of making vinegar.

Brochettes de pastèque japonaises

La saison des pastèques est enfin arrivée. Mon fruit préféré de l'été.
En ce moment, il y a beacoup d'herbes japonaises dans le jardin et je voulais faire quelque chose de spécial.

Des brochettes de cubes de melon salés feits dans du beurre noisette. Combinés à une vinaigrette japonaise à base de sauce soja de Kikkoman, vinaigre de riz et d'huile de pépins de raisin de @huilerierichard, de poivrons shishito et de grains de sésame. Pour la finition, des feuilles de mitsuba hachés, de shiso et de wasabi du jardin,

Japanese watermelon skewers

Watermelon season is finally there! My summer favourite fruit, so versatile.
At the moment there are lots of Japanese herbs in the gardenand I wanted to make something special.
Skewers of salted watermelon fried in brown butter. I combined them with a Japanese dressing made with Kikkoman soja sauce, rice vinegar and grapeseed oil, chopped shishito peppers from @westlandpeppers and toasted sesame seeds. Finished with chopped mitsuba, shiso and wasabi leaves from the garden.

Saté babi with bumbu kacang pedis

Wow, the acar ketimun is great, the marinade is great and also works with pork but that sauce!!!! I'm in heaven. This is the first and certainly not the last recipe I made (with a twist😀 from , the latest book from @vanjavanderleeden and @remkokraaijeveld. Thank you @noskosbbq for drawing my attention to this book.

Wasabi Auvergnat

Summer weather is finally here and the garden comes to live. I planted wasabi for the first time. In the shade of a tree on a wet spot and it seems to be doing well.
I can nearly harvest some leaves, for the roots, I need to be patient for another year.
Wasabi is a very new ingredient for me. I have some ideas for dishes with the leaves but am looking for more. What should I make for sure?

Un beau temps d'été et le jardin prend vie. J'ai planté du wasabi pour la première fois. Ombragé par un arbre dans un endroit humide et ça semblait avoir du succes.
Je peux déjà utiliser les feuilles, pour les racines je dois être patient pour une autre année.
Le wasabi est un nouvel ingrédient pour moi. J'ai déjà quelques idées des plats avec les feuilles mais j'en cherche d'autres. Que dois-je préparer?

Asparagus, almonds, capers and dill

Asparagus are in season and this is such a great dish. Grilled asparagus combined with almonds baked in beurre noisette, fried capers and dill.
The combination of sweet almonds, salt capers and fresh dill is a real taste sensation.
Recipe is from by @ottolenghi and @tara.wigley

The plan was to enter the weekend - cooking from Simple
hosted by @culyzaar
@teffe_kocht @r_schoofje @tanya.mushanova and @oksanaritchie
Just a bit later due to the lack of fresh dill.

Spiced salmon skewers with parsley oil

This dish from Falastin from @sami_tamimi and @tara.wigley had been on my to-cook list for a while. @fredericzanetto fish stall was in the village and I got some very nice salmon.
We enjoyed it with friends who came over for a drink and often test our new menus. We all agreed, the dish is a winner.
The combination of the spice mixture, sumac and parsley oil is delicious. Already thinking of other dishes I can liven up with parsley oil.

Brochettes de saumon

Ce plat de Falastin était depuis longtemps sur ma to-cook liste.Par coïncedence poissonier @fredericzanetto était dans le village. Comme toujours, il avait très beau saumon. Nous avons savouré les brochettes avec des amis qui venait boire un verre. Ils testent souvent nos nouveaux menus et ils étaient tous unanimes. Le plat est un champion.
Le saumon est mariné dans un mélange d'épices (baharat samak) et sumac et servi avec l'huile de persil.

Momofuku pork buns

Such a craving for street food but a challenge to find. Especially since we are in lockdown again. I wanted to try something new. Had read so much about Momofuku's pork buns that I wanted to give it a try. The book is already on its way.
The original recipe for the pork buns was too much and I was struggling quartering cups and tablespoons. Luckily I found @eatlittlebird 's blog in time with a metric recipe.
Preparing the pork belly is easy, just rub with equal parts of salt and sugar and leave overnigbt. One hour in the oven on hight temperature, then an hour at low temperature. Steamed buns, hoisin sauce, pickled cucumber, spring onions and sriracha sauce of @sriracha_fr to finish.

Une envie de street food mais un défi pour en trouver. Surtout avec le nouveau confinement. Je voulais essayer quelque chose de nouveau et j'avais lu tellement de choses sur les buns au porc de Momofuku que je voulais les essayer.
Poitrine de porc avec quantités égales de sucre et de sel une nuit dans le frigo. Une heure à haute temperature, une heure a temparature bass au four.
Buns à la vapeur, sauce hoisin, porc, concombre, ciboule, sriracha et voilà.